Winning the Weight Loss Race

weight loss race

Winning the Weight Loss Race

Have you noticed those “you’ve earned it” rewards have become a frequent treat? Perhaps the weight scale has been pointing in the wrong direction for the past few weeks. Or maybe you have just been feeling a little under motivated to keep up on your fitness.  It happens to all of us, we stagnate, then we realize we have completely gone off the rails, no longer riding the weight loss train. 


Deciding to lose weight is the easy part. The hard part is sticking to a regiment that will get you where you want. How can you get back in the weight loss race after a fall? We have a few good tried-and-true tips to help you win the weight loss race.   


Do not let failure distract you

Everyone comes across a hurdle they can’t quite jump. Whether that be on their weight loss journey or life. Sometimes you have to back up a few feet and run at it a little faster or jump a little higher. Getting back in the game is where you start. Once you get to that starting point, begin with an honest evaluation. What stopped you from jumping that hurdle before? And how can you get around it this time? Like any good athlete, evaluation of your abilities, your struggles, and the goals ahead will help you continually perform to the best of your ability.  Much like running, weight loss is a long-haul life journey that’s more about long-term commitments while hitting mile-marker goals.


Be nice to yourself, just not too nice

It seems like everyone wants you to “treat yourself” these days.  While that is fine every once in awhile, it is important to keep those special delicious treats special, not a regularity.  Sometimes you have to be tough on yourself to keep on the straight and narrow. Runners may stop for water breaks during a marathon, but they won’t get anywhere fast if they stop for reprieve often.  Weight loss is similar, taking breaks on your plan will set you back. Whether it’s indulging too much or not monitoring your portions, perhaps it’s time for a mirrored face-to-face pep talk.  


Set your pace

Rejoining the weight loss game can be a struggle if you have been out of it for a while, which is why you should pace yourself. Some people can go cold turkey and drop everything they have been eating and get right into the fitness lifestyle. Caution yourself on this method, as it usually leads to late-night and weekend indulgences.  Don’t set yourself up to fail. Others may need a slower adjustment. After all, weight loss is a lifestyle. Find a schedule that works for you. That may be 3 days a week of hard cardio and meal plans, or it maybe workouts a few mornings a week with calorie counting. It’s also a good idea to reset your plan each week based on your upcoming schedule.  Each week can bring new hurdles. Tweak your plan as needed. A flexible approach to hitting certain goals during the week will help you avoid failing due to unconsidered obligations. Adjusting can take time, just remember slow progress is still progress.  


Overcome Peer Pressure

It can be difficult to live or hang out with others who don’t have the same fitness goals in mind. Your friends and family may encourage you to make poor dietary decisions. Many times, unfortunately, they pressure you to “relax and just have a piece of cake because it won’t hurt anything.” Resist the urge to follow in their bad habits. You don’t owe anyone an explanation or excuse.  If you struggle staying strong, remind those people how important your new lifestyle is to you. You may even become the inspiration they need to change.  


Join a Support Group

There are so many weight loss support communities out there. Engaging with like-minded people who have goals similar to yours will help with on your path. If you are who you associate with, then make sure you are associating with those who want to support you, not hinder you. Here are a couple of support groups we host on Facebook:


  1. Joplin –


  1. Jane –


Getting back in the weight loss race can be difficult. Remember that there are people out there who want to see you succeed. Draw strength from others to resist peer pressure and stay on track. Find a fitness buddy or enlist a trainer to keep you accountable to your own goals. And remind yourself to limit the rewards you eat. 


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