Weight-loss Expectations vs Reality

Weight-loss Expectations vs Reality

Weight-loss is a journey. Much like every journey, you need to prepare yourself for it. Instead of packing a suitcase, you will be packing a gym bag and a metaphorical tool kit. Being prepared for this endeavor will keep you on track and ready for the speed bumps along the way. We will closely discuss the “tools” you will need, as well as expectations vs. reality of weight-loss.

The Packing List:

  • Honest Self-evaluation
  • Knowledge
  • Positive Thinking
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Self Control


Many people start out thinking that losing weight is going to be a short term commitment that is relatively simple. This is not the case. Fitness and weight-loss is a mind set. View your journey as a lifestyle change, not an event. You may start out thinking “I just want to lose 20lbs”, but those 20lbs will stick right back to you once you fall into old habits. If you are serious about keeping the weight off, you must prepare yourself for a lifestyle transformation. 

Self-evaluation and Knowledge

Starting with an honest self-evaluation will set you up for success. You will need to understand where you are in the process in order to set realistic goals for yourself. Knowledge will heavily play a factor in the first steps of your journey. You can’t begin to change if you don’t know how to. Talk to your doctor or a health trainer to gain more information about what you need to get where you want. In the age of the internet, you can teach yourself about proper nutrition and workouts. However, we recommend you start with a professional who can help you navigate to the right source of information, so that you don’t get lost in the realm of internet fad diets.

Positive Thinking

The reason why positive thinking is necessary in this process is simple. Positive thinking will keep you motivated during plateau periods. Everyone reaches a point in their weight-loss process where that next pound just won’t come off.  You may have to try new things to progress further. You may have to seriously re-examine yourself and sacrifice more to meet your next goal. Though things may become difficult, if you maintain a positive outlook and believe that you will achieve your next milestone, you will exceed your own expectations. Reality can be a smack in the face or the pothole we start planning for. Optimism coupled with determination is the insurance that will navigate you around the impending pothole and carry you towards the finish line.


Everyone’s journey is different, so everyone’s outcomes and milestones will be as well. You can’t compare yourself to others as they are going to have different results. Which is what brings us to focus. The focus should be you. Focus on your own goals. Focus on what you have accomplished and what you can accomplish. Reflecting on your achievements during the process will bring you greater satisfaction and keep you motivated. Let other people’s accomplishments be encouraging, but not your focus. If you expect to have the same expedient results as your friend or partner or Instagram influencer you will only drag yourself down. 



Self-discipline is everything. It’s what helps us make wise decisions and stay on track.  Being disciplined enough to ignore the siren calls of double decadent chocolate brownies or that second glass of wine is tough, but so rewarding. We all get cravings. But with every craving there is a wiser option. There are so many amazing alternatives to our favorite guilty pleasures. Feeling pizza? Swap the high-carb dough for a cauliflower crust. Slipping up once, twice, perhaps three times can start you spiraling towards old habits. Isn’t everything you are working towards more important than the pleasure of 10 seconds of bad calorie consumption?


Stay focused, disciplined, and positive. It will be your guide to healthier, happier days ahead. If you stick with your new lifestyle, you will begin to see better habits forming. You can pass those good habits to others around you. You may just become the inspiration someone else needs. The goal of weight-loss can truly transform you and your life into something rewarding and satisfying. Just don’t let your expectations cloud out reality. Be honest with yourself. And most importantly seek change for you, because you are the one who will be doing all the walking during the journey. 

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