Tips for Bud Storing

cannabis storage

Tips for Bud Storing

Like any harvest, there is a precise way to cure and store your crop until it is ready for use.

Properly dried and cured cannabis should last around six months to a year before losing potency and flavor. Here are a few tips to help you store your marijuana buds for extended periods of time:

  1. Keep your Cannabis in a cool, dark place.

The essential oils, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, will quickly dry out if exposed to hot temperatures. Humidity mixed with temperatures between 77 ̊F and 86 ̊F make a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Any porous organic material in these environments (in this case marijuana) make a great host for these unwanted biologicals, so keep out the moisture and heat by storing it in a cool area. Cooler air holds less moisture than warm air which will help to keep your cannabis dry and keep the mold out.

  1. Cannabis is light sensitive, store accordingly.

Whether it is car paint or plastic nothing is immune to the powerful rays of the sun. UV rays are notorious for material degradation, this includes your cannabis. Keep your marijuana out of direct sunlight to keep it cool and last longer.

  1. Separate your strains!

If you are growing multiple types of marijuana, it is a could idea to keep your strains separated to preserve their individual properties.

  1. Mason jars are highly recommended as the storage container of choice.

When storing your buds, you will want the perfect amount of air in your container, too much will oxygenate your crop and significantly reduce its shelf-life and too little will affect humidity levels. Terpenes can evaporate even in an airtight container so using a terpene shield will greatly help to preserve the quality of your crop. Boveda offers a product that shields terpenes from evaporating here:

  1. Take refrigeration and freezing precautions.

Do not store marijuana in the fridge unless you are keeping it in a completely vacuum sealed bag. Refrigerators fluctuate in humidity and temperature and can ruin your crop. The best way to ensure your cannabis is staying fresh is by properly drying and curing it before storage and using the correct kind of storage containers.  Deep freezing can keep marijuana well preserved for up to a year or longer but should be attempted with caution, as freezing will make trichomes brittle and susceptible to breakage. If you do choose to freeze your buds, they will need to be in an airtight container. When preparing to use frozen buds, ensure the package returns to room temperature before opening.

Using these methods will help you see a longer shelf-life in your medical marijuana supply. Remember to date and label your containers to keep track of your stock. These tips only apply to dried and cured buds and may not apply to other cannabis products, such as gummies. Read guidelines for other bought/created products and store accordingly. Always keep your personal medical stash locked up and in an area that is inaccessible to others. We hope these tips help, let us know if you have found a successful method for storing your supply in the comments down below.

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