The Buddy System- Making the Most of It

buddy system

The Buddy System- Making the Most of It

Every body is unique. While we all recognize this as fact…we seem to lose sight of that quickly when our work out and weight loss partner drop the pounds quicker than we do. This is especially true in the case of male vs. female weight loss. On average, women naturally store 6 to 11 percent more body fat than men, even at top fitness. Men burn calories and shed weight quicker thanks to their lean muscle mass and testosterone, but that doesn’t mean the ladies can’t catch up. Men lose body fat quicker in the beginning, but after 6 months of dieting and work outs both genders lose at the same rate. So girlfriends and wives, if you see your fella shrinking faster than you, be proud of him. You will get there too!

Pick the Right Pal

When it comes to finding a fitness friend, remember who you buddy with can be just as important as how you lose the weight. Losing weight can take a toll on relationships, especially friendships. If you and a close friend decide to “lose-it” together, talk about your goals and expectations. Not just your weight loss expectations, but what you want to see from the other person. One of you might want the other to be there just for phone-call accountability, while the other may expect that the both of you to work out and meal prep together. Having this conversation ahead of time, will help you and your pal be on the same team and overcome obstacles together.

Make You the Priority

Having someone to keep you accountable to your weight loss regiment is great. However, it’s important to keep your “why” at the forefront and not let someone else be your only motivation. If you want to be a good weight loss partner, maintaining your own motivation is important. Remember why you started on this journey in the first place and keep setting new goals for yourself. When your partner hits milestones that are beyond your current reach, discouragement may creep in. That’s why YOU need to be the focus of your journey. When we see our friends/partners meeting our goals when we are struggling, can really burden us. Don’t give up and keep an open line of communication.

An article recently posted about a girl who saw her mate getting into shape faster than she could keep up with, so she sabotaged his fitness success by sweet talking him into indulgent meals and weight-gaining vacations. After a few too many deserts and vacation meals, he had gained back most of his weight, which made him sad and her feel guilty. When he talked to her about how he was feeling, she resolved to never keep him from his personal progress and to find satisfaction with her own accomplishments. Talking to your weight loss buddy about how you’re feeling will keep you connected and cheering for one another – instead of playing the sabotage game.

Weight loss isn’t a race. You don’t win anything by reaching milestones faster than your friends, but you do win when you can keep you and your weight loss partner uplifted.  In the end, we need healthy bodies, minds and relationship.  You are the driver of your own success on all fronts.

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