Sticking-With-It During Self-Isolation

weight loss during self isolation

Sticking-With-It During Self-Isolation

We live in strange times, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our goals or sacrifice all our hard work. COVID-19 has sentenced us to confined quarters. Since Missouri passed the obligatory stay-at-home order, many of us have been staying and/or working from home. This kind of upset in routine can throw us for a loop. We have a few recommendations to help you keep the weight-loss course through these trying times.

Stick to your Routine

There’s nothing worse for progress than cultivating good habits only to have them disrupted. Stick to your daily routine as much as possible to keep up with your good habits. If you get up at 6am for a morning stretch and exercise, then keep with it. The idea of nowhere-to-be can keep us grounded to our beds into the late afternoon, but this will only stunt our progress and make us feel unaccomplished. You might have that commute cutout of your day and nothing to fill it with, or so you might think. Look for opportunities to work on the things you have been thinking about but haven’t had the time for. Now is the time to try out that new yoga you’ve been considering or get some meal prep out of the way. Depending on where you are currently living, you might be able to take that extended walk you have never had the time for. Take advantage of the extra time you have and do good with it. You might surprise yourself and create even better habits for the future.

Try New things

Netflix and Chill is great in moderation. We all love our down time- we just want to make sure that our leisurely endeavors aren’t constantly keeping us down. With non-essential businesses closed, many of us are out of work with excess time on our hands. It’s easy to get sucked into filling our days full of our favorite movies, games, and tv shows.  Screen time leads to munchies, and if you’re like most of the population you can quickly lose track of the calories you consume while you watch show after show. Fill extended periods of time with things that keep you moving. Get in the groove of cleaning with encouraging videos on YouTube or start on that garden you’ve been talking about since forever. With the days getting longer and more inviting, it’s the best time to pick up some outdoor activities, just do so far enough away from other people. Don’t get stuck in a rut of consuming entertainment that keeps you on your butt. In the words of Dr Oz, “the more sit the more your butt grows.”

Encouraging others

Try exercising after every meeting for just a couple minutes. You can even get your whole team involved! Take advantage of the extra moments in your day to strengthen yourself and stay on track. Some of the underlying conditions that cause death in COVID patients are obesity, hypertension, diabetes…with obesity being the biggest offender.  Weight loss isn’t just about looking good or having a bikini body.  It’s so much more.  70 million Americans are obese and the way it translates on your own scale may put you in the “red zone”.  Be encouraged to use this time in your life to radically transform your health.  The secret isn’t a secret and it’s really very simple.


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