Real Talk | True Calories

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Real Talk | True Calories

Dr. Murphy talks about true calories and calories consumed versus calories burned.

When we talk about what calories we need, pick a weight. OK, just pick a simple weight. We’ll say we would like to weigh 150 pounds. OK, you want to weigh 150 pounds. We need to hit a target goal based upon the fact that this is going to get a little bit complicated. So bear with me. We’re going to stay in a 70 degree environment. Our activity is just going to be, we’ll call it leisure. We’re out for a walk. We’re semi-retired. We want to weigh 150 pounds. The weather outside is going to be roughly 70 degrees. It might hit 90 a few days. It might be a little colder in the next few days because these are all factors that determine into it. And we’ll say we’re either a male or a menopausal female, because we can’t use other females. Then we need to hit roughly five calories per 150 pound weight per day. That’s not a big number. That’s 750. But that’s 750 true calories. I’m not talking about a bowl of frozen fruit or a big bowl of pickles. Those don’t really count. I mean, they count for calories, but the calories are way less because of what we did to it. So it comes to the true understanding of exactly what your cells are seeing at the calorie level. But that number is 750. So if you want to weigh 200 pounds, well, just go up to 1,000 calories a day. You’ll weigh 200 pounds. But what’s interesting is that you’ll read these studies where if they say, OK, well, if I take in an extra 100 calories a day, well, that’s 3,000 calories a month. That means I’m going to gain a pound a month. Well, that’s 12 pounds a year. Well, if I do it for 10 years, does that mean I’m going to pack on 120 pounds? Well, that’s possible. What if I did it for 20 years? I’m going to go up to 240. When is this going to stop? When I hit 1,000? Well, that’s where it gets kind of interesting because you see, the more weight you carry, you have to burn more energy walking through space. And that offsets the further calories you’re taking in. When you see these people that weigh 3 to 400 pounds walking down the parking lot to get to their car, well, they don’t have a smile on their face when they get to it. They’re kind of huffing and puffing and feeling a little bit sore moving that much mass through space. Well, they’re going to burn off twice as many calories as I do when walking through the same parking lot weighing 400 pounds. I mean, that’s not going to bother me at all. The same is also true that if you were to put a 200 pound weight on my back and ask me to walk to my car through the parking lot, well, Doc’s going to take about 50 steps and call 911. Going to be a man down. I’m going to need an ambulance to come pick me up. I mean, it’s just not going to happen. I do not have the muscle skeletal structure to carry a 200 pound weight 100 feet. I don’t have that.

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