Real Talk | The Latest Wasteful Trend

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Real Talk | The Latest Wasteful Trend

Dr. Murphy talks about the latest craze in diabetic medications.

In the weight loss arena right now, the new craze, and it seems like there’s a new craze about once every 10 years, is these medications called semaglutide, liraglutide, and what they are is they’re glucom-like peptides. They still don’t truly understand how they work, but they are a medication that was developed for diabetics, and they’re in relatively short supply right now. Kind of hard to get, but they are injectable and quite awfully expensive. What are we talking about expense-wise? Eh, about $1,600 a month, so they’re typically once a week shots, and you have to kind of tie trade up. And so we have a shot that’s in short supply, $1,600 a month, and here’s where it gets interesting. They talk about weight loss, and people that are on, they are losing weight, but it’s more of a, they just feel full. Okay, so it’s a feeling of full. They’re not really changing any chemistry in the body. All it’s doing is telling your mind, don’t eat. Well, that’s kind of what we’ve been talking about the whole time here, and their success rate I found to be remarkable, but not remarkable in a way you’re all thinking. I think it was remarkably low. They’re talking about a 5-10% body loss weight in 6 months. I’m sitting here hoping for a 5-10% body weight loss a month in my practice, not in 6 months, and it’s not unrealistic at all for somebody to weigh 250 pounds and come back and see me next month dropping 10 pounds. Well, with these shots that you’re going to pay $1,600 a month for, it’s going to take you 6 months to do that? Oh, I really think we’re going down the wrong road here. And it’s very interesting that these manufacturers that make these medications are on the outside going, oh, this is for diabetics, diabetics. Oh, by the way, it works great for weight loss too. They’re not advertising it that, but they’re allowing the social media companies to advertise it for them, you know, and Wagovi and all these clinks that are setting up and these docs that are jumping in on this bandwagon. I wish they stop. This is not where we need to go as a country. What the next thing we’re going to do? Everybody that’s overweight going to be taking shots in their thigh for the rest of their life? I mean, is this really what you all want to do? Because that’s not the answer to your problem is taking a shot, and it’s not going to work. It wasn’t developed that way. As a matter of fact, I think the shot, really all it does is stops your stomach from contracting so rapidly, and it just makes it an easy, nice contraction around food. Well, when that stomach clamps down around the food, you can’t get anything else into it. You have a feeling of satiety. I think that’s all this medication is actually doing. So, $1,600 a month? No, I really don’t, not going to prescribe that medication. I really don’t want to go down that road. It’s not what I believe in, and I don’t think it’s the true way to lose weight. And because it’s also been shown that when you get off the shot, you rapidly gain your weight back. Well, that’s because you didn’t change your ways, and you didn’t listen to some good advice. You listened to some poor advice. So, if these doctors are giving you those shots, and it’s for the reason to help you lose weight, go find a different doctor, because you’re not going to be able to do this the rest of your life. You’re just going to go back to square one, and that’s not what you need. You need knowledge, you need a plan, you need to be able to execute it. You’ve got to learn to live with this, too.

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