Real Talk | The EpiPen Scandal


Real Talk | The EpiPen Scandal

Dr. Murphy gives his thoughts on the EpiPen scandal.

Her name was Heather Bresch and it was Mylan Pharmaceuticals. Heather Bresch was actually the daughter of Joe Manchin, West Virginia Senator. Okay, and she was 30 years old, had no degree in anything. But Joe Manchin had some friends on Mylan’s board. So she went and got on this board and the EpiPen was selling for about 30 bucks. Well, they went over to, I think it was AccuJack or AutoJack, and it was a pen made by Pfizer. And they bought the rights to that pen, told Pfizer, quit making your auto inject pen, we’re just gonna make the EpiPen. And she took that price and raised it to $650 from like 50 bucks to $650. And she did this and well, there was a lot of lawsuits, racketeering, price fixing, but mysteriously all those charges kind of got dropped. Well, she resigned from the board of Mylan with a $30 million parachute. Oh, and don’t think she was not giving money to the Joe Manchin, West Virginia Senator. You know, nice guy Joe Manchin, who he’s a Democrat, but he’s kind of got some Republican things. You know what, Joe? Why don’t you resign? Get out of Congress. I think you and take your soulless daughter with you. Okay, and her $30 million. She should have went to jail over what she did with epinephrine. These people have no idea how many people they are harming, both financially and killing them. Because they can’t afford these pens and they’re playing with the American people. And these are government officials. How can you trust people like this? You can’t. These people are evil, every one of them. But I’m ranting on politics. I was told not to do this. I think we ought to just get rid of them all. But that’s just my opinion. I do believe that place will corrupt you if you’re not corrupt.

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