Real Talk | Stomach Muscle Behavior

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Real Talk | Stomach Muscle Behavior

Dr. Murphy takes a closer look at stomach muscle behavior.

Follow a kid that’s a picky eater. That’s another great one right there. Show me a child that plays with their food, runs away from the table, comes back, skinny child, always. Show me a child that’s sitting there wolfing it down like a dog in a dog bowl. There’s an overweight child. So how fast we eat makes a difference in our weight as well. Your stomach is a stupid muscle. It’s a lazy muscle. It is the dumbest organ in the body. I couldn’t think of a dumber organ that we could actually all do without. It would be our stomach. Its job is just to do one thing and one thing only. And it does it lazily. Every one of our stomachs is lazy. Its job is to contract. It’s a muscle, and its one job is to contract. The only thing it has to do is scrunch up around the food. But it can’t even do that quickly. It does it slowly. It’s not a knee-jerk reflex. It is a stretch reflex. So when we eat, we stretch our stomach. And it sits there and it goes, well, I guess we’re done eating. I guess it’s time to contract. So when it contracts, it contracts around all the food that we’ve just consumed. Once it does that and collapses down, no more room in the stomach. Can’t put anything else into it. If you all think about it, this has actually happened to you before. You went to an all-you-can-eat buffet. You got your first plate of slop, whooped it down, thought, mm, still hungry. Got to go back and get me a second plate. Got a little bit of second plate, whooped that down. I just need a little bit more. So I’m going to go up and get me a third plate. But somebody’s up there messing with the chicken. They won’t get away from the shrimp. They’re messing with this. It’s like, oh, just get away. I want to get my plate and sit down and eat. You finally get it, sit down. Ah, I can’t eat this. I am now full. What has happened to us is that stomach started to contract, took away our appetite. The second example I will give you is we’ve all been to a really nice restaurant where we walk in. We have a couple in town. They’re kind of those four or five course meals that you go in there and you sit down. You walk in there. And it’s been a rough day. And you’re sitting there thinking, man, I hope they got a 22 ounce filet mignon because I’m ready to eat this thing. I want a leg of lamb. And I want the whole freaking leg on my plate. Well, you sit down. You order all this nonsense off the menu. And then you bring out your little bowl of soup. And you wolf it down. And you’re sitting there waiting. Five minutes later, well, here comes the little salad. All right, get that down. And five minutes later, another appetizer comes. I’m going to eat that. They finally bring your plate. Well, it’s just a three ounce steak. Got some mashed potatoes over here, some vegetables over here. Kind of finish that up. And you’re like, Jesus, I’m full now. But if you look back, you really didn’t consume that much. Then she comes to you and says, oh, you want dessert? Oh, no, no. I can’t do the dessert. Well, what has happened to us here is you took too long. Your stomach stretched a little bit, stretched a little bit more. OK, he’s still feeding me. I’ll stretch a little bit more. I think he’s about done. Contraction. Time is what we need. I would say this is probably a big problem with people and the way they eat. We all tend to eat a little too fast. We just want to get it in, get it done, get it over with, and move on. But when I see people with that problem, and I can pick them up pretty quick, and it’s usually my males that are the big ones that seem to do this a lot, especially if they’re military trained, because that’s what they would teach them in the service. Hurry up and eat. Hurry up and eat. You got stuff to do. You can’t waste your time eating. And then we’ll actually come out of the military developing this bad habit. So what I tell people like this that have this problem is take what you would normally eat, cut it in half, wait 15 minutes. Now, if you want to wolf down that half in 30 seconds and inhale it, you go right ahead. But you’re going to wait 15 minutes. After 15 minutes go by, you’re still hungry, eat the other half. Going to still be hungry after that, give me 15 minutes, go eat another half. Wait 15 minutes, eat another half. Eventually your stomach’s going to contract. And when it does, it’s over.

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