Real Talk | Shelf Life Addiction

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Real Talk | Shelf Life Addiction

Dr. Brain Murphy discusses the shelf life addiction.

Why we want to process foods to maintain shelf life. And so yes, we do do that. It is crazy as it sounds, sugar back in the civil war days, that was actually an antiseptic. And a lot of people don’t understand that. They’ve seen movies before where they put honey on their wounds, an open wound, but it is an antiseptic. And the reason why is bacteria cannot live in a pure sugar environment. So the more simple the sugar is, the less bacteria can survive in it. So by adding more sugar to foods, more processed, more simple sugars that are smaller in size, will preserve foodstuffs for longer periods of time. Which is why we heard that the shelf life of a Twinkie is like 30 years. Well, it’s an ultra processed food. And honestly, if you ate a Twinkie after 30 years, it probably wouldn’t taste good, but I think it would probably still be okay. So the more processed does help us maintain shelf life with foods. And it’s unfortunate that apples and oranges, which are not processed, they don’t have a very long shelf life. But at the same time, you can make frozen orange concentrate. And of course you can add a little corn fructose sugar to it to help with the preservation and get us addicted to it. So you can increase your sales and have a long shelf life. So these manufacturers are probably killing two birds with one stone by doing this. I don’t agree with the adding of corn fructose syrup. I think it is dangerous. I think it probably needs to be banned from our food source because of the addictive nature of what it does to us. It releases dopamine and it says, hmm, gosh, it tasted good. I want another dose of dopamine. Let’s have some more corn fructose. The problem you get into with this stuff is you have to keep releasing higher and higher levels of dopamine, not unlike addicts. When they start shooting heroin, taking drugs, they have to have a higher dose to achieve the same effect. And that’s where the addiction part comes in. A lot of similarities between addiction to corn fructose and drug addiction. Then there’s the pathways where those two are pretty much the same.

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