Real Talk | Processed Foods

processed foods

Real Talk | Processed Foods

Dr. Murphy talks about processed foods.

They want to blame it on genetically modified foods, processed. What is a processed food? I guess it’s really what it boils down to. And everybody has a different opinion of it. And there’s actually different articles written about it, where there’s four stages of processed foods. And it’s like the first two stages are randomized bullshit. It’s like, OK, well, you didn’t eat it fresh out of the garden. You clipped it, and you put it in a bowl of water. Is that processed? Well, yeah, but not really. You didn’t change it much. So but even changing it at the end, it’s still the calories that matter. I don’t care if you want to eat refined sugar or sugarcane. The calories are still there. But you’re consuming more of it, becoming addicted to it, and might not realize it. That therein lies the problem with it.

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