Real Talk | Parents


Real Talk | Parents

Dr. Murphy discusses the relationship between parents and child’s weight.

Well, if you look at the studies and the research, and it’s really quite interesting. A child that is brought up by two parents that are obese, so of heavy weight, odds are probably 100% of all offspring will become obese. So it’s not so much a matter of lessons of clean your plate, because you can throw in different food sources, and I wouldn’t care if you clean your plate or not. You’re not going to gain weight eating this particular source of food. But if you look at parents where one parent is obese and the other is not, the chances are 75% the child will grow up to be obese. So one out of four children will maintain a normal weight. And if you look at the people with our normal body weights from both parents, odds of the child growing up obese are relatively minimal. So I think it has a lot to do with eating patterns, behavior, and what your mom made for dinner. I mean, we typically tend to follow our family recipes. And well, if you’ve got a bunch of pork rinds laying around the house when you’re a kid, you’re probably still eating pork rinds as an adult, which don’t do that. That is just gross. Don’t eat your pork rinds. But I don’t know why they still make those things. My god, they ought to put a coupon in there for 10% off your first bypass operation if you collect 100 of them. That’s just some nasty stuff. I don’t know.

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