Real Talk | Moderna


Real Talk | Moderna

Doc discusses Moderna, the federal government and taxpayer dollars.

Canada has a lot more regulation with drug prices. That’s the one I really like. Okay, so when we start talking about drug prices, we can just look at a recent example, and we’ll call it Moderna. The great inventor of the MRA vaccine, big COVID. We’ve all heard of messenger RNA. We’ve all heard of COVID. We’ve all heard of the VAX, the BOOST, the double VAX, and all these great terms. But I think it was interesting what the federal government did with Moderna. They gave Moderna quite a few millions of dollars to invent this vaccine. And what did the federal government get in return? Nothing. So this is really where it gets kind of interesting that Moderna received all this money from the federal government, so it was public risk, taxpayer risk. Moderna got all this money and invented the MRA vaccine. Well, if it didn’t work, guess what? Public sector is out of the money. Not private. But now who gets the reward here? It’s the private sector. So Moderna is on track to make a 40% profit this year, thanks to the federal government, thanks to the American taxpayers. I haven’t gotten my thank you letter in the mail yet from Moderna for making them so much money this year. Then you see these guys just pounding away at, oh, get more vaccine, more VAX. Let’s get quadruple boost. Well, if you haven’t been boosted in the last 30 minutes, you need another boost. I mean, wait a minute. I think something’s smelling like a rat here. I just don’t know how big it is. But when the federal government supported all this risk and didn’t demand anything, didn’t demand that the research, the technology be given out globally to anybody, don’t sit here and tell me that other companies in third world countries could not invent this vaccine, this virus, if they had the technology. The answer is yes, they could have. Moderna chose not to give it to them because it’s now they’re what they call IP, their intellectual property, their systems. They have some nonsensical excuse, but they’re at the leading tip of this. And there’s some shaking hands and some backroom deals that were going on there. And I’m sure some House of Representatives and senators got filthy rich on Moderna stock. I know they did because they had the inside track to this one. But this is nonsense. And this is how your federal government spends your federal health care dollars by giving it away to pharmaceutical companies so they can make billions. And we get on the way and we pay for it. We pay not only for it with our lives. We pay for it because we have to pay for the shot and we have to pay for the research. And what do we get out of it as taxpayers? Nothing. We get the short end of that stick. Thank you, federal government. Nice job, losers.

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