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Real Talk | Individual Motivators

Dr. Murphy talks about the reasons why people what to lose weight.

Well, I certainly will ask him from the get go, why is it that you feel you need to lose weight? And everybody will have a different reasoning to be for sure. An example this morning, I saw a new patient of mine, and he couldn’t understand why you wasn’t losing weight. He weighed about 240 pounds. But he’s drinking two or three protein shakes a day, eating two or three protein bars, because he thinks that’s what he needs to do to lose weight. And I asked him, I said, well, how long have you been doing that? Well, about six, seven months. I said, you haven’t lost any weight, have you? Well, no. And I go, you’re going to the gym and working out? You tell me what it’s workout? And yes, it’s a fair and decent workout. I said, OK, well, let’s change it up a little bit. Let’s stop drinking all the protein shakes. Let’s stop eating all the protein bars and see if that works. And he just looked at me kind of funny. I said, guy, I’m 30 years older than you, and you’re 50 pounds heavier than me, and my workout and your workout is about the same. I don’t do that stuff. You mean to tell me that if anything, I should be heavier than you being at my age, and you’re half my age? And you’re more active than I am. But he didn’t quite understand it. So once again, we had to start at the beginning and go through exactly what a calorie is, what is a carb, what is a protein, what is a fat, what do these things do, and we take in too much, and what are all the myths that are out there with this? Oh, goodness. The lady came in today, and she was even younger. She was 19 years old, and she put on about 40 pounds, and she’s wanting to get 40 pounds off, and her knees bother her. And she’s 19 years old. I’m like, OK, all right. Now we got something to start with here. Your knees are still young. They’re still in decent shape, and now I got to get the weight off to save them. So that’s a good motivating factor. I think everybody has a reason. I like to know what that reason is so I can tweak it or use it and work with them on it. So everybody is different, though. That is for sure. There is no one motivational factor other than I can promise you that you’ll feel better. People that are on high blood pressure medicine, I might be able to get you off. If you’re a diabetic, I might be able to cure you. If your knees hurt, I can make them feel better, but I’m not going to give you any medicine to do it. The only thing we’re going to do is lose weight. If you have lipid problems, we can correct a lot of that. Lose weight. Lose weight.

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