Real Talk | Hormones


Real Talk | Hormones

Doc discusses hormones and weight gain.

And there’s other issues even with women and their hormones. Now I know there would be the first ones to say, oh my god, my hormones. Well, there’s actually a lot more to that than a lot of men would like to admit, but there is. Women partway through their month, they’re going to release progesterone. Progesterone is so similar to taking prednisone. You change a couple of bonds on a molecule and it’s the same drug. Anybody has taken prednisone, my god, it changes your taste buds. It sure makes you crave sweets. So I’ll just share kind of a funny story. I always thought it was a little bit hokey until about 20 years ago. I kind of came down with this West Nile virus. I went and saw a lung doctor here in town. He’s a good lung doctor. He said, well, Brian, it looks like you got West Nile, so I’m going to have to give you some prednisone. So this guy writes me this script for 100 milligrams of prednisone a day. I mean, it was massive and that’s 95 milligrams more than my body was producing. So it was a good sized dose. And I never was a big sweet eater. And I came home that afternoon after being on this stuff for a couple of days and, well, gosh, there was some chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter there. And I thought, them sound pretty good. So I had one of those cookies. Next thing I know, I’m eating this whole bag of chocolate chip cookies. And I’m sitting here thinking, what in the hell am I doing here? And then when I get done with this bag and throw it in the trash, I’m sitting here thinking, where’s my keys? I need to go get me some more of these. And I’m thinking, I’m having an out of body experience here. And I thought, oh my God, this is what you women go through a couple of weeks out of the month? Oh, oh, Doc, he got some sympathy for y’all now. I mean, that taught me a valuable lesson right there. So there’s hormones, there’s drugs that we take that actually mimic these kinds of things. So that’s another big reason why we battle our weight with issues. But the women and the weight gain, there’s actually a reason for it. That is an optimal time to gain weight when they’re expecting to become pregnant. That’s what the body is trying to do, reserve energy stores. But when it doesn’t happen, well, we got to shed the weight too. All right. So, but yeah, there’s a, it’s a biological inherent thing. And there’s nothing we can do to really fight that. I just got a lot more sympathy for them now.

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