Real Talk | High Fructose Corn Syrup

high fructose corn syrup

Real Talk | High Fructose Corn Syrup

Dr. Brian Murphy discusses the addictive nature of high fructose corn syrup.

They look at a lot of scientific studies when it comes to high fructose corn syrup, and while it is the calories are the same, the United States for some reason, kind of turns a blind eye to the addictive nature and the dangers of this addiction. I think we have a lot of lobbyists that tend to hover around Washington and the food lobby is quite an impressive lobbyist, probably right out there with the teachers unions and the dairy farmers and a few other unions, truck drivers, teamsters. I mean, they’re powerful lobbies and they’re not going to want legislation passed that hurts their industry, especially when they’re making money hands over fists on making us all addicted to their corn fructose. The interesting thing is, other countries, Japan and I’m sure China to some extent, regulate these foods quite extensively. They understand this is bad for their people and they will not allow it to be put into their food supply. And I think that’s hands off and we probably need to start following their model a little bit. Other countries that if you look at their culture, I find more interesting. When you look at the Japanese culture, if you go to Japan, you don’t find many elevators in their buildings. And I’ve often thought, I don’t know to be true, but I thought, man, if you lived on the 30th story of a building, you’re going to be one thin guy and you’re going to be buffed and in shape to have to walk 30 stories every time you want to go outside, where you’re on the first story and you’re going to be a little bit on the heavy side. And you guys might need to switch places about every six months to get the calories burned off. But in Japan, they walk everywhere and there is no assistance with their public support like while you go to Las Vegas. I always thought that one was interesting. They give you the escalator so you can hurry up and get in the casino and lose all your money. But you go out broke, you walking out to the parking lot there. So there’s no escalator to take you back to where you came from. So I think that’s the way the America’s food industry and our government looks at us. I don’t know it, but they should definitely regulate our food source more. And I think we really need to cut out corn fructose syrup altogether. It is a somewhat of a stabilizer of our food source, but it’s not necessary. We can find alternatives that do not have the addictive nature of this food source. It really needs to be eliminated. I truly do believe that we don’t need it. We can do without it. And I think it’ll help correct a lot of our problems. But I don’t have any aspirations that our government’s going to do the right thing for anytime soon. So they seem to be on a wrong way journey right now. So we’ll see.

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