Real Talk | Getting Used To It

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Real Talk | Getting Used To It

Doc discusses getting used to the taste of diet sodas, hunger pain and phentermine.

To get used to being hungry all the time, I mean, that’s pain and suffering, and that is something that is really tough. And I do think like anything, you will get used to it. And I’ve had a lot of people say, well, I just can’t give up my soda pop because diet tastes awful. Well, trust me, you start drinking diet soda for a few months, you’re eventually going to get used to it. And the pain of hunger, yeah, it’s there. But I’m trying to convince them to look at the long term goals of it. I mean, to be hungry and to lose weight is way better feeling than to satisfying that hunger and gaining weight. So I embrace the pain. I look at food as the enemy of my existence. That is my problem. Food is a problem for not just me, but for everybody. We just all eat way too much. But it is a tough psychological battle to overcome. And it’s uphill and it’s covered in ice. I mean, it’s just tough. And just trying to look for the end result is what we’re looking for. But if you can stick with it, it works pretty good. I just don’t really have any good advice, Dustin, on how to overcome that pain. I mean, it’s just tough. I mean, you do. You do. And I’ve embraced it over the years. But the Phentermine alleviates that pain. And would I be better served as to take Phentermine from time to time? Yeah. Would you see a way for me to do it? I won’t. I don’t need to. And honestly, it’s illegal for me to. So I can’t even do it from that perspective. But I suppose I could go to a doctor and get a prescription for it. But I won’t. But I understand it. I mean, I understand what it can do. I’m pretty sensitive to medications keeping me up quite a bit. If I took one of those things, I have a hard time falling asleep anyway. And I wouldn’t sleep for a day. So I really don’t want to take it. I don’t have much of a choice. But you do get used to the… People do say they do get used to it relatively quickly with the insomnia. But I have insomnia anyway, so I don’t think there’s any way in the world I’d get used to it.

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