Missouri Medical Marijuana Card and Your Privacy

medical marijuana privacy

Missouri Medical Marijuana Card and Your Privacy

Recently, we have heard a few concerns over privacy for those getting a marijuana card and we want to take a few minutes to address those concerns. We hope this information can lay to rest some of the worries you may have about obtaining a medical cannabis card.

Who has access to Missouri Marijuana Card records?

Missouri law enforcement agencies, the Department of Health, and Senior Services have access to a data base for legal Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Holders. This data base is used to prevent the legal Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Holders with possession of medical marijuana from being arrested when found with it. Marijuana Card holders are protected as long as they do not carry over the limit allowed by the State of Missouri and assuming such individuals are not breaking any other laws. Marijuana card issuance is not public record. Background checks will not reveal that you have a Medical Marijuana Card. However, if you are applying for a military, law enforcement, or childcare job, you employer may require further health screening and medical information, which you may choose to provide.  Again, this database is not open for access.  Employers will not know that you have a marijuana license unless you choose to tell them.

How is your privacy protected?

When you receive verification from your doctor for your marijuana card, you become protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. HIPAA was put in place to protect patients against disclosure of all medical information to outside sources. Your medical records are only known to you and the medical professionals you choose.

What Information does the State Require for the MMC?

For ID purposes, the state requires that the application form include your qualifying condition, the amount of medical marijuana authorized, your full name, birthday for age verification, social security number, email address, phone number, and physical address. Your social security number and other sensitive information will not appear on the ID.  The actual marijuana card will only contain the date of the ID issuance, the expiration date of the card, your name, and your verification number for law enforcement.

For more information, please visit The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services online at https://revisor.mo.gov/main/OneSection.aspx?section=XIV++++1&bid=36215&constit=y or call their offices at 866-219-0165.  We strongly encourage individuals seeking information about the rules and law of medical marijuana in the State of Missouri to contact the Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation as this information is subject to change.  The content in this blog is not all inclusive.  We are a medical office and, therefore are not a source for legal advice.


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