Lose the Negativity- Gain Health

Lose the Negativity- Gain Health

Who hasn’t had negative thoughts about themselves? These days self-deprecating talk is commonplace, evening defining an entire generation of people. Do you do this? If so, then you’re part of the majority. It’s easy to pick on yourself, especially since you know you the best.

When most of us start out on our weight loss adventure, we are already in a negative mindset. We don’t like the way look or the way we feel whether that be emotionally or when we jiggle as we walk. We find ourselves thinking about how we could be so much better if only we had more time, more money, more energy, were skinnier…you get my drift. Those thoughts are natural but detrimental to our own success. Don’t excuse yourself from living a healthier lifestyle, just do it! If being a lighter, healthier person is your focus than you can achieve it so long as you apply yourself and stop the negativity.

How often do you hear yourself say “Ugh, I’m so fat”? It’s a common statement made in fitting rooms, but how much happier would people be if they just said “well, that’s not for me” instead. Being mean to yourself won’t change anything but being kind will. Kill ‘em with kindness, the fat that is. The more encouraging you are to yourself the likelier you are to succeed. Instead of staring in the mirror and telling yourself how awful you look, find the best attributes and verbally reward the things you are doing to transform. Don’t pick on your body, love it so it can love you back.

The biggest issue with a negative mindset is the focus. We can become so consumed with results that we forget the reasons we are leading a healthier lifestyle. Agonizing over the pounds you aren’t dropping only adds stress and we all know how stress loves to make our belly grow. Stay positive and don’t fizzle out from self-pressure. Reach out to your support group and talk to others about your struggles. Let others encourage to keep going and allow them to dote on you with kind words. Don’t forget to do the same for your weight loss buddies and call them out when they harp on themselves. Encouragement can go a long way, but negativity will push you off the cliff.

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