Indica- History and Medical Application

Indica- History and Medical Application

Indica, like all cannabis, is a magical plant. From origin to modern use, Indica has survived for centuries as a healing aid for people worldwide. Historically, Indica has adapted as a desert and mountain grown crop in dry climates. Indica naturally grows across the Indian subcontinent as well as Central and Southern Asia.  As cannabis is one of the oldest and most widespread crops, pinpointing the origins of the Indica strain is difficult but is thought to originate within the Hindu Kush mountains.


There is still much debate between Sativa and Indica as separate or same species. While Sativa is represented by its narrow leaves and tall stature, Indica by contrast boast a short plant with broad leaves. While both plant types can have high THC concentration from selective breeding, wild versions of both cannabis types have higher amounts of CBD.  The most important fact of the matter is that you can breed them together to get a hybrid that provides you the perfect molecular blend of chemicals.

Medical Application

Indica is most commonly used as an aid for pain relief. Indica dominant strains classically provide a full body feel in comparison to the head high Sativa dominant strains produce. As most plants are hybrid of Indica and Sativa, the chemical composition of the plant will be what determines the effect of the drug. As we stated in the previous Sativa blog, which you can read here: …insert link here……., terpenes, cannabinoids (THC and CBD), dose, and consumption method will greatly determine how the drug will interact with your body. Your experience with any medicinal marijuana will also depend on your history with the drug. Your tolerance to cannabis will establish whether you feel any high or not. Choosing the right variety for your medical needs is key. If you suffer from nausea and a lacking appetite, look for something with higher amounts of THC. Anxiety and seizures? Go for a low THC variety with large amounts of CBD.

Growing Indica

Indica is great for growing indoors. Unlike Sativa plants, Indica is much more manageable and generally doesn’t grow taller than 4 feet. Hybrid plants are the most resilient, if you are first time grower then Indica dominant hybrids such as blueberry, white rhino, and sensi star will be a lot harder for you to kill. Growing six large main branches per square foot of light is the common way to get your plants vegetating. How To Grow has an in-depth page on growing and managing Indica strains, which you can view here:


Indica can provide users with great results. Do your research to find the right breed/variety for your medicinal needs. has a great resource to help you find your match, here:

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