Real Talk | I Can Help Anyone Lose Weight

 Real Talk | I Can Help Anyone Lose Weight

There is not a single soul out there that I cannot help lose weight given the fact that they want to come along for this ride. They have to be empowered personally. They have to be willing to sacrifice. “I’m here, please help me.” I will ask questions. I will assist and give you information. I will give you knowledge. I will help give you power to combat this.

But there’s…no, there’s not a single soul out there I don’t think I can help lose weight. We have to change what we’re doing. I so much wish I could go to the store and walk down these aisles and cancel these foods that we make because there are certain foods that need to be disinvested. There’s certain aisles of the store you need to stay out of for the rest of your life.

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