Breaking a Sweat Through Winter

Breaking a Sweat Through Winter

What is it about winter that just seems to kick people off their game? Everyone appears to move a lot less and eat a lot more. Staying motivated with a workout plan is challenging as it is, add cold weather and inviting blankets and you’ve got a recipe for inactive snail people. We are here to support you in your health-conscious ambitions, so we are introducing some of our favorite quick workouts to keep you motivated through the rest of winter!

If you dread fitness activities and the idea of committing half an hour or more of your time to a workout seems like a drag, start small! Ease into the concept of working out by sampling 8-minute exercises. We are including a few of our favorite’s that will really help you feel like you accomplished something.

Warm up:

Arms and Chest:


Legs and Glutes:

It’s important to switch up your activities regularly and work different parts of your body. Alternating between strength training, aerobic, stretching, and balance exercise will help improve the overall health of your body.

Exercising regularly not only can improve your weight loss, but your mental health as well as your ability to fight disease. Getting started on an exercise routine is the hardest part but once those endorphins start kicking in, you’ll begin to crave the days of well used muscles. Start by blocking out a dedicated time in your day/week for exercising. Then begin with workouts that are compatible with your bodily ability. Start slow, work your way from moderate to intense training. Below are a few suggested videos for beginners:


We hope you will enjoy the suggested videos and find your own favorites along the way. We recommend saving your favorites in an exercise journal so you can revisit them again and again. Keep your exercise routine varied and don’t forget your warm-ups. We hope to see you back next time for more tricks and tips on exercising and toning in the coming months.

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