Are You Ready for Your First Dispensary Visit?

Are You Ready for Your First Dispensary Visit?

Hey friends! Have you heard the news? Dispensaries and production lines are getting ready to open to right here in Missouri! Visiting your first dispensary should be an exciting event, not an overwhelming one. We are here to make sure your first experience goes smoothly. We have partnered with our friends at Flora Farms to bring you accurate information and prepare you for your first visit. They have helped us build a guide to ensure you have everything you need once dispensary doors open.  

Preparing for your visit

First things first, you will need to have your Missouri medical marijuana card and state issued i.d. Keep these in hand, as you will be asked to provide identification upon entrance. Be prepared to fill out a short intake form on your first visit. This will help the counter attendants, aka Cannabis Consultants, provide you with the right recommendations. If you return to the same dispensary, you won’t have to fill out this form again. Don’t forget to bring your questions with you! Staff will be on hand to answer any of your concerns or queries.

Bring your patience

If you have ever visited a pharmacy, you well know about lines and wait times. Dispensaries are much like pharmacies, only instead of filling a prescription they work closely and directly with their patients to find the right solution. This process can take time and lines will form. Consultants will not only help you find your match but will also teach you about the products available. Everyone deserve the opportunity to receive quality care, so please remember to be courteous and bring your readiness to learn.

Obtaining the right fit

As previously stated, consultants are always there to guide you in choosing the right option. Flora Farms provides highly trained Cannabis Consultants to assist you during your visit. All Flora Farms consultants are rigorously trained by Jared Pagnini, who has over a decade’s experience in the cannabis industry from Washington and Massachusetts and currently lectures on new treatment options, best strains, and consumption methods for patient care.

Product Availability

With Flora Farms’ cultivation facility expected to be operational around Labor Day, new and exciting products will soon be hitting dispensary shelves. Flora Farms, in partnership with CLOVR, ensure all products available are quality-controlled and tested before distribution. From edibles, concentrates, and tinctures, to dried and cured flowers, you are sure to find your fit at Flora Farms.

Still feeling nervous about your visit? Don’t be! Dispensaries are a safe place for you to learn about medical marijuana practice and care. You won’t find any judgement there, only helpful people to remedy your pain.

We want to give a big thank you to our friends at Flora Farms for their participation in this guide. Flora Farms is dedicated to bringing you high quality, affordable cannabis and continuous care from dirt to dispensary.   We highly recommend a visit to their dispensaries which are expected to open this fall. Their business locations can be found in Springfield, Neosho, and Humansville. If you are interested in learning more about Flora Farms, please visit them at

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