DOT Physicals

At Joplin Urgent Care, our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We strive to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for drivers coming in for a DOT Physical.


Little to NO wait.

Priority driver treatment.

Professional, friendly, courteous staff.

Dedicated driver parking lot with space for all size rigs.

Our breath and alcohol machine is approved by the US Department of Transportation.

US Department of Transportation

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

US DOT Frequently Asked Questions

DOT Agency / USCG Drug and Alcohol Program Facts

US Department of Transportation

DOT Recommendations and Requirements

DOT Physical Recommendations and Requirements

Drivers – in an effort to expedite your DOT Physical exam, and prevent delays in receiving your DOT card, please see below. You can download a copy of this list HERE.

  1. Bring a complete list of ALL of your current medications.
    Any medications which your physician is requiring frequent lab monitoring you will need to bring a copy of your most recent levels i.e. Coumadin, Lithium, etc.
  2. If you have high blood pressure:
    BP must be less than 140/90 (while in office) on day of exam or you may not qualify.
  3. If you wear glasses/contact or hearing aids please bring them to your exam.
    You will be required to pass a vision/hearing test.
  4. If you have DIABETES:
    Your blood sugar should be controlled and you will need the most recent results of your HgbA1C (<10%), your blood sugar logs or other records related to your diabetes.
  5. If you have nighttime sleep disturbance issues and you use a CPAP:
    Bring readings from your machine documenting proper use of the machine (at least 90 days).
    A letter from your sleep specialist may also be required-medical examiner’s discretion.
  6. If you have had a heart attack, heart surgery, coronary artery stents, heart disease, chest pain, or any heart related issues, a cardiology consult will be required BEFORE your CMV exam.
    Bring a letter from your cardiologist which includes a medical history and current medications as well as it should indicate that you are safe to drive a DOT motor vehicle.
    You may also need to have the results of your most recent ECHO cardiogram, other tests i.e. Exercise Tolerance Test (within 2 year), most recent cardiac stress test results (within 2 years).
    Pacemaker—bring documentation of your most recent ANNUAL pacemaker check (within 12 months).
    Call the clinic (417-782-4300) for assistance if you are unsure what is needed.
  7. If you have had a stroke (CVA), brain tumor, seizure disorder or bleeding in the brain, dizziness or passing out spells (syncope):
    (Cortical or subcortical stroke deficits do not meet DOT standards).
    Bring a letter from the neurologist, BEFORE your CMV exam, that includes a medical history and current medications as well as your current neurological and psychiatric state of being.
  8. If you take medications that cause sleepiness, anxiety medications, ADHD medications:
    Bring information from your treating physician specifically noting you are considered safe to drive a DOT vehicle while taking these medications.
  9. If you are taking Coumadin (Warfarin) or Lithium:
    Bring recent INR levels (at least monthly) for a Coumadin and letter from your physician indicating current health status and safety to drive.
    Bring recent therapeutic values for Lithium and a letter from your physician indicating current health status and safety to drive.
  10. If you are taking antidepressants/antipsychotics medications:
    Bring a letter from your psychologist/psychiatrist indicating medications have been shown to be adequate/effective/safe and you are stable.
  11. The DOT recommends all drivers who are SMOKERS over the age of 35 years, history of lung disease or symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, chest tightness, or wheezing have a Spirometry performed. WE ARE ABLE TO COMPLETE THAT TEST FOR YOU AT THE TIME OF THE EXAM, as long as we are notified in advance.


  • Schedule I controlled substances to include Marijuana (even if state law allows for medicinal use)
  • Amphetamines
  • Narcotics
  • Any habit forming drug for which exception guidelines do not apply
  • Methadone (regardless of reason for use)
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Suicidal
  • Untreated sleep apnea
  • Monocular vision
  • Narcolepsy
  • ICD/Pacemaker Combo
  • ICD (defribrillator)
  • Sedating anxiolytics-ex. Benzodiazepines; Use of Insulin


If you are uncertain if you would qualify for a Department of Transportation (DOT) card, you should schedule a visit with your primary care physician or specialist PRIOR to presenting for your exam.  Please bring  a copy of your test results’letters from physicians with you to prevent delays or disqualification. (Note: Per DOT Reg’s the MEC maintains discretionary authority in determining whether they feel you are medically qualified to obtain certification).


NOTE: The above are only meant as guidelines and are subject to change as DOT Regulations/Recommendations change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take walk-in appointments or do you have to schedule?

Yes, but we prefer patients schedule an appointment.

If I’ve done a DOT physical at Joplin Urgent Care before, do I need to bring all of my paperwork again?

It is best that you bring a list of your medications and any required physician letters, reports, or other documents pertaining to any medical issues. We can provide you with a specific list if you need one.

Can I park my trailer there?

Yes! We have a lot just north of our parking lot for truck drivers to park.

How long does a DOT physical take?

We try to have our drivers in and out in 30 minutes.

What is the cut-off for blood pressure?

According to the DOT guidelines, blood pressure must be 140/90 (while in office) on the day of the exam or you may not qualify.

Is Chantix use a disqualifier?

It is no longer a disqualifier.

What paperwork do I need to bring in for previous conditions?